Event Category: Training Ride

MCC Training Rides

MACCA is a medium to fast paced ride, held every Friday. The stronger riders will average about 35km/h and complete the loop in under 40mins. Slower riders drop off and come in a few minutes later. After the sprint finish, its a warm down roll to the local Cafe for coffee and debrief. There is Read more about MACCA[…]

Like hills? 6@6 gives you 6 of Mount Eliza’s finest climbs in one neat package. The name is derived by the fact that it starts at 6am and includes 6 main climbs. Simples. About 26km with approx 600m elevation.

Need to warmup before the main event? Or just want an early wake up? Join the crew as they cruise to Mt Eliza and then join the rest of the starters for the weekly training ride that starts at the homemake centre in Mornington.