Member Profile: Declan Doyle

Profiling Declan Doyle

The 2017 recipient of the Joel Hawkins scholarship is Declan Doyle. We spoke with Declan to find out a little more about this shy and unassuming schoolboy who is quickly rising thru the ranks.

If you were a bicycle what part would you be?

Carbon Enve wheels.

How did you get into cycling?

Through my dad; I loved riding my bike as a kid and watching dad race.

What does it mean to you being the Joel Hawkins Scholarship recipient?

It means a huge thing to me that I get to represent the club and Joel for the upcoming year.

Do you think it’s fair to your fellow cyclists who ride with you who have to sit on your wheel and get no protection from your 18kilo body whatsoever?

Definitely fair; they should be thanking me, I’m just trying to help them train harder 😉

What are some of your goals this year?

Racing in the open road series is a big goal for me this year as it is my first year racing the big boys.

Your Dad’s told me that he could beat you in a sprint, thoughts?

It has happened many times before, but I’m pretty safe at the moment.

Your sister Sarah, reckons she’ll be a better rider than you, thoughts?

Not for a while, but with persistence maybe.

Who do you have most fun dropping on a ride?

It hasn’t happened yet, but, the best moment will be when I drop Jordan Stannus on a MCC loop.

What’s something we don’t know about you?

I love my mountain bike and I also work at Bicycle SuperStore.

Favourite rider?

Ritchie Porte.

How upset would you be if Fetchy attacked all your Strava KOM’s?

Disappointed; I’d go drive all the segments to get my times back.

If you could secretly start stealing Strava KOM’s, whose would you start at?

Definitely Fetchy if he just robbed me of all mine.

You’re up early to meet at 5.30am for a ride, does your Mum still wake you up?

Yeah, every morning, even if I’m at my dad’s she drives over and wakes me up.

What do you love about MCC?

It’s a great club full of great people; I enjoy riding with the club and the races they put on. I have also enjoyed all the support the club has given me from when i was just starting out in the juniors group.