Profiling 2015 Club Female Champ Nina McCormick

Today we feature Nina McCormick.

Name: Nina McCormick

Nickname: Neens or Neenie

Occupation: Regulatory Affairs Lead for an Agricultural Biotechnology company

At the Melbourne IronMan 180km Bike Leg








What bike do you ride?

Colnago CLX2 (aka Connie); I also have a semi-retired TT bike – Cervelo P3 (aka Bob)

How many bikes do you have? (MTB, Fixie etc)

Two. Number of bikes I want n + 1.

Who got you into cycling?

Necessity. Commuting to university until the ripe old age of 30.

How long have you been cycling?

~15 years

How  would you describe your best discipline in cycling? (Sprint, hills etc)


When do you ride, morning, afternoon or night?

Mornings, always mornings. Unless I start in the morning and am still riding in the afternoon.

Do you have a coach/mentor? Do tell…

I’ve had many coaches, some good, some less than good. Some more interested in themselves than their charges. Some more focused on mental fortitude than physical prowess. Each however has left me with key learnings that I will never forget.

Favourite training ride, where, how long/far etc.

I have too many to share. I love a good Beach Rd hit out from St Kilda to Franga, or now Mt Martha to Portsea on a rare day when Melbourne blesses us with no wind. However an epic all day ride with mates is what will keep me smiling for days and leaves me with stories to share. In the mountains, Melbourne/Portsea return, doesn’t matter. That long in the saddle toughens one’s mind as well as one’s body.

Favourite Mountain and why?

Once again, a tough one to nail down. Mt Buffalo after heavy rain when the rock escarpments are sheets of water; a fun descent too. Back of Falls early in the morning, descending to Anglers Rest without a car in sight and only your own thoughts and the Australian wildlife for company. Stelvio for the challenge it brings, the spectacular scenery, the comradery of fellow cyclists and the amazingly fast descent through the tunnels.




Learning to love the Vert

Learning to love the Vert

Take a bow Nina

Take a bow Nina
















Favourite Competition.

IronMan. Some liken it to being pregnant, i.e. months of preparation and training, a day of excruciating labor, the exhilaration of crossing the finish line, being able to eat and drink what you’ve been denying yourself for the last 9 months post race, and not being able to sit down comfortably for a week afterwards. I’ve only recently become a cyclists so fingers crossed I have future cycling favourites on the horizon.

Can you describe a favourite story or moment (funny, exciting, blissful, enlightening, frightening–somehow moving) related to your riding.

In the early stages of completing the Pyrenean Raid with a group of friends I was rather bashful when it came to biological breaks. After traipsing up a hill into a paddock full of curious cows, clogging up my cleats in dung and squatting on stinging nettles, I was henceforth quite happy dropping my dacks roadside. Somewhat related to said bovine related biological mishaps, during the same trip while descending some massive mountain along the way it appeared that a vindictive cow had taken his own biological break on the apex of each of 20+ bends in the road at the point where breaking was critical. While we all managed to stay upright despite slipping all over the road, by the time we reached the bottom our backs from seat to helmet were covered in cow excrement.

What food, drink do you NOT leave home without?

I have a different favourite every year or so by which time I am usually so sick of what I’ve been consuming for the past year that the mere sight of it will make me dry retch. There’s been ZipVit gels, Winners Bars, Hammer Gels, Emma and Toms bars, apricot yogurt balls and the list goes on. I must say, a stop at 7-Eleven for a slurpie on the return journey on a stinker of a day is pure heaven!

Tell us your worst “bonk” moment…we all have them.

Probably on the way home from Portsea after compete in the Portsea Swim Classic. Epic day = epic bonk. I started flagging about Blairgowrie and by the time I reached Rye was seeing stars. A quick trip to the bakery rectified matters somewhat, but you never recover fully from a bad bonk and the trip back to the city felt like I was cycling through treacle. There’s a lesson for us all here, eat before you feel hungry and donuts keep on giving.

Funniest thing you have heard from the peloton whilst cycling –

I’ve only got R-rate ones

Best piece of advice received.

Don’t fall off, it hurts!

What inspires you?

Fresh air, sunshine and the company of considerate and amusing fellow cyclists.

Have you reached your cycling goals?

Never. I’m my own worst critic

Where will you be in 5 years with your cycling?

Faster, fitter and riding a faster, hotter bike.

Favourite coffee shop

My sister’s house for Sunday morning pancakes with the family.