Profiling Club Member Tom Angelico

Over the coming months we will profile several club members and there cycling story, today we feature Tom Angelico a young and upcoming athlete.

Name: Tom Angelico

Nickname: Mexican or Sanchez

Occupation: Student

Rocking the Cervelo

Rocking the Cervelo


What bike do you ride?

Cervélo S3

How many bikes do you have? (MTB, Fixie etc)

Two – road bike and a fixie/singlespeed

Who got you into cycling?

I got into cycling through HPV at school.

How long have you been cycling?

Nearly 3 years

How  would you describe your best discipline in cycling? (Sprint, hills etc)

Definitely hills

When do you ride, morning, afternoon or night?


Do you have a coach/mentor? Do tell…

Wood Cutter is a bit of a mentor and always helps me out while riding.

Favourite training ride, where, how long/far etc.

Mount Eliza hills – I’ll normally head out without much of a plan, and do 40-100km of hills.

Favourite Mountain and why?

Mount Hotham because it’s so long and those steep sections at the top are absolute killers. On top of that the view is amazing.

Can you describe a favourite story or moment (funny, exciting, blissful, enlightening, frightening–somehow moving) related to your riding.

At the Leongatha Junior Tour last year (my first ever race) I was racing the handicap in a group of four, we were flying along, passed everyone in front of us and had a big gap on the guys behind us (we got a nice handicap). With about 5km to go I finished my turn, pulled off the front and slotted in behind the group. I looked up and saw the road continued on straight so nothing to worry about. However, as it turns out I didn’t see a marshal indicating that we were about to turn right so next thing I know everyone’s on the brakes, I’ve clipped the wheel of the guy in front of me… and down I go! The other guys in my group went to the finish with a reasonable gap on the chasers and took out the podium places. I missed out on having a crack at the finish but still had a great weekend!

What inspires you?

Beating my mates.

Where will you be in 5 years with your cycling?

On a bike….

(Many thanks Tom for being 1st up Geoff)