2017 Liam Davison Memorial Handicap

The 3rd Liam Davison memorial handicap was run today in conditions more like mid winter, but a great club turnout and event in Liam’s memory. Welcome to several new club members and Liam’s mates from State of Matter, great to have you all along. Fantastic racing behaviour and attitudes saw a safe and well contested race.

A big THANK YOU to our club corner marshals and helpers today, working through the rain:

  • Scott Lovegreen
  • Grant Sheppard
  • Edy Gasparini
  • Darryl Sutton
  • Dave Foern
  • Chris Savage
  • Adam Bendle

Well done all and special mention to Lorraine and Paul Field for coffee and cakes – much appreciated.

Starting List


  • Nathan Mann
  • Ben Shuster
  • Kerrie Maliszewski


  • Sam Turner
  • Josh Dux
  • Hayden Fenn
  • Gavin Mickelborough
  • Jaxon King
  • Dean Phillips


  • Maddy ???
  • Rob Doyle
  • Nina McCormick
  • Judith Caball


  • Stephen Baker
  • Leigh Parsons
  • Chris Zielinski
  • Daniel Bowler
  • Emil Foller
  • Sam Toft


  • Murray McLean
  • Richard Jeffares
  • Tim Mauerhofer
  • Declan Doyle
  • Neale Adams
  • Morgan Hayes


  • Mike Ward
  • Carmin Siriano
  • David Tozer
  • Paul Mason
  • Alex Holden
  • Todd Buschkel


  • Chris ‘Fatty’ Sinclair
  • Trent Brown
  • Rhys Buzza
  • Jet Turner
  • Andy Gynes
  • Alex Wardrop

Race results


A supported ride/race with great work from all. Tom Ferguson, Sofie Sutton, Jake Taylor, Jasper Foller, Lucas Rowe, Hugo Phillips. Well done all.


Some very strong middle groups joined together by the half way mark and after reeling in a determined limit group never looked in danger of holding off scratch and chopping block who had come together at a similar stage. So it was a race of two bunches and an exciting finish.

Awesome to see an upcoming MCC Young talent take the win in a sprint finish.

  1. Jaxon King (starting at 13:30)
  2. Dean Phillips (starting at 13:30)
  3. Chris ‘Fatty’ Sinclair (starting at 12:00)

First female: Judith Caball
Fastest time: Alex Holden